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Updated 20-Dec-2017

Joseph B. Walther

Mark and Susan Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society    
Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication     
Director, Center for Information Technology and Society    

University of California, Santa Barbara    






Joe Walther is a behavioral scientist who has developed several original theories and conducted a number of empirical studies on the interpersonal aspects of computer-mediated communication, with applications in personal relations, online groups, and educational activities. The research examines how people form impressions and get to know one another online, and how they relate to one another personally and/or professionally as they work and/or socialize. The work has been cited frequently in a number of disciplines. Extensions of this work have been made into online dating, deception, collaboration and knowledge-sharing, social network sites, and other social media.

Walther served as the division chair to the Academy of Management's Organizational Communication and Information Systems division, and the ICA's Communication and Technology division.

He is a Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Children and Media, Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR, University of Amsterdam; and has been a Mercator Fellow, Institute for User-Centred Media, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.


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